Jewelry Overview

We offer an incredible selection of jewelry, as diverse as our clientele is. We work with the industry’s leading jewelry designers including Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Gorilla glass, and Tawapa. Our goal is to have jewelry that accents your piercing, lifestyle, and who you are. We have a large selection of jewelry available for initial piercings including titanium, niobium, white and yellow gold, steel, glass, PTFE, and bioplast. We maintain a substantial selection of different cuts, stones, and combinations to choose from for each piercing. Also, if we don’t have your particular size or style in stock, we can order it for you. We monitor our jewelry with great care to maintain our consistency.

Anything from basic to bling, we can provide to you!


The navel has become very popular over the last decade. We carry a large selection of synthetic and genuine stones in different cuts and sizes, from cup settings to prong setting, to double settings. We carry opals, princess cuts, different color CZ’s, 4mm bottoms, 8mm bottoms, steel, titanium, and great color combinations all around! Initially you can be pierced with Gold, white or yellow, titanium, glass, or steel. And as usual, we can special order any type of jewelry to meet your piercing needs. The options are endless!


The nostril! You can have anything from a 1mm synthetic CZ that is very discreet to a 3mm prong set diamond that is blazin’! We have a variety of prong, cup, pear, and cabochon bezel settings! We have genuine tiger’s eye, real diamonds, rose gold, white gold, domes, and many different colors in titanium and much more! Whatever you have in mind for your nostril, we have it! And again, we take great care to remain consistent in the quality of our jewelry.


There are many options you can have initially for your lobes. Gone are the days when you only had two selections. Want something clean and discreet? We have it! Want some bling added to your ring? We have aurora borealis cbr beads! Want something exotic and original? We have it! You can be pierced with glass, titanium, gold, steel, niobium, and bioplast. Several colors and styles are ready to meet your needs. You have the option to be pierced initially with no flare or single flare tunnels, mini barbells with many different options for ends, rings, and more!


We have the largest selection of Gold body jewelry around! We have also recently introduced Rose Gold into our collection. Rose Gold is a coppertone pink gold that is startling in appearance. We have a large selection of navel and nostril gold pieces, as well as other piercings. We carry a variety of stones including amethyst, cubic zirconia, diamond etc.

We have classic and progressive cuts, cabochon bezel, cup, pear, marquis, opal, and many more. We can get any stone in any setting you desire. We carry 14kt and 18kt. You can be pierced with white and yellow gold, initially, however with wearing rose gold, you need to wait until the piercing has healed.

Titanium and Niobium

These metals are both inert, light, and pure, making them a good biocompatible choice for jewelry. The cool thing with these metals is that they can be anodized, which is basically a heating and cooling technique, to create different colors and effects. Any type of jewelry can be created with these metals. They have a high polish and glossy appearance. The effect is dazzling!!


Steel is the most popular style of metal for initial piercings today.
Steel has been used in the medical community for a long time. Steel is a great metal, is affordable, and looks good in initial piercings. We have a large selection of steel, and many people like the look in their piercings.


We have a large variety of stone with different looks, weights, and textures. Stones have different properties, some are heavy, some are light. Some are porous; some are non-porous. The textures vary, however, all of our stone is polished for maximum visuals and comfort. We carry over 20 types of stones ranging in all sizes for your lobes. Stone is awesome to wear as it is low-maintenance, not requiring much attention or care, and also has a comfortable feel to it.


Shell has been a recent addition to our jewelry collection. We have many hanging, ornate designs for the lobe. Most of our shell jewelry is meant for clients with out stretched lobes. The designs are really sweet, ranging from white to opalescent to black! We have small dainty designs, to big bold lotus designs, so come check them out!


People have been wearing wood and horn as ornaments for centuries. These materials are very light and porous. Some care needs to be taken when wearing them and maintaining them. Wood and horn have a neat natural feel. We carry different types of wood plugs, some with really cool inlays. We also carry ornate horn designs for the lobe.

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