Body-Element Studios FAQ:


Do I need an appointment?

Nope. We take walk-ins every day and try to have our customers served in a timely manner. Services are first-come, first serve and we end piercing services before closing time so come in early!


What do I need to bring?

You should bring in a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport (military ID also accepted), and proper payment in the form of cash or card. We do not accept checks.


What will my piercing cost?/What types of piercings do you offer?

Below is a basic break down of our pricing and age restrictions. Prices include basic jewelry. Selecting a different design/style of jewelry may result in a different price, but all jewelry is high-quality. We only use high-quality metals for your safety. Not all clients will have the anatomy to support all piercings offered below. Please consult with our piercers in-studio to know what piercings are right for you.


  • Lobes: $30 each/50 per pair (10yrs+)
  • Outer Rim Cartilage: $40 each/70 per pair (14yrs+)
  • Tragus: $45 each/80 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Daith: $50 each/90 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Conch: $45 each/80 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Rook: $50 each/90 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Forward Helix: $65 each/110 for 2/140 for 3 (15yrs+)
  • Industrial: $65 each/120 per pair (15yrs+)


  • Nostril: $65 each/110 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Lip/Labret/Monroe/Philtrum: $45 each/80 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Tongue: $50 each/90 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Eyebrow: $45 each/80 per pair (15yrs+)
  • Septum: $60 each (15yrs+)


  • Nipple: $45 each/80 per pair (18yrs+)
  • Navel: $50 each (15yrs+)
  • We no longer do dermals.

Genital (18yrs+)
Call in for details on pricing. Not all piercers offer genital piercing services.


I’m a minor. Does the policy change?

Yes. (See above for ages we will pierce.) You will need to bring in a parent or guardian. Both parent/guardian and client should have photo IDs with them. If the client does not have a driver’s license/driver’s permit/passport, acceptable alternatives include a birth certificate with a school photo ID or yearbook or any other combined form of proof of age, name, and photographic evidence of identity. If the parent/guardian and the underaged client do not share the same last name, we also require proof of guardianship via birth certificate or court papers.


Can I bring my own jewelry?

No. Due to insurance and liability reasons, we can only pierce with jewelry we sell. We can, however, assist you with a jewelry change or insertion of your own jewelry.


Do you numb the area first?

No, this isn’t something we offer and shouldn’t be necessary. Clients who are relaxed and calm usually report that their piercing wasn’t nearly as intense as they expected. We’ll walk you through your piercing and give you the best experience we can.



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